BSI / NVVI Congress 2016 | 6 - 9 December, Liverpool UK

Poster presentation guidelines


The posters will displayed in the Exhibition Area throughout the BSI/NVVI Congress from Tuesday 6 December until Friday 9 December to allow delegates to view these during coffee breaks and lunch breaks.

There will be two dedicated poster viewing sessions during the Congress. Poster authors should attend their posters during the relevant session to allow Congress delegates to discuss their work with them. The poster categories will be split between two sessions as below.

Poster Session 1:  –  Wednesday 7 December 2016 – 17:15 – 19:15

Category A –  Adaptive Immunity
Category B –  Cytokines and Chemokines
Category C –  Innate Immunity

Poster Session 2:  –  Thursday, 8 December 2016  – 17:30 – 19:30

Category D –  Cellular Interactions
Category E –  Immune Regulation and Therapy
Category F –   Immunological Basis of Disease

Posters should be prepared in advance by the presenters and brought to the Congress for display.  Poster boards will be provided for presenters and will be displayed in the exhibition area.

Details regarding poster numbers will be available for all presenters prior to the start of the congress.  Please note there will be no facility for online printing of posters nor will posters be uploaded in advance.

Delegates are able to access the poster area from 12:30 on Tuesday, 6 December in order to hang their posters.  Posters should be hang for the duration of the congress (until Friday,  9 December).

Equipment for poster displays

poster-presentationA large display board giving a display area of approx 90 cm x 120 cm will be provided for your poster display. Please refer to the diagram for further information.  All posters should be designed in portrait orientation rather than landscape. Please note that individual pieces of paper should be pre-mounted onto one large piece of paper or card.

Poster title

Please ensure that you include the title of your poster presentation at the top of your poster.  Your board will have a poster number (please refer to the final programme onsite which details the number allocated).

Poster installation

Your poster will be on display for the duration of the Congress. Please report to the Registration Desk when you arrive at the venue where you will be directed to your poster board.

Presenters will be provided with materials to fix posters to the boards upon arrival at the venue. Please note that we do not provide printing services either prior to the meeting or onsite.


Poster removal

Posters must be removed by 12:00 hours at the latest on Friday 9 December 2016.  Should they not be removed by this time, the Congress staff will take them down and no responsibility can be taken for their safe return.


Download a pdf copy of these guidelines